art on the town by Allison Kruske

I am very excited and pleased to say that my artwork is now at one of my favorite stores, Orleans + Winder
If you have yet to visit the shop and their fabulous selection of curated clothing and objects in person, do yourself (and your wardrobe) a favor and go! Let's face it, your art collection could probably use some updating as well. 

You can find them in Detroit's Eastern Market, as well as online here:

*A special thank you goes to Erin, of O+W and to Robert-David Jones for installing the artwork.

drawing on the walls by Allison Kruske

I've always had a fascination with installation art. The idea of changing the vibes in a space is what I really love about artwork in general. This was probably what originally got me to make the confetti wall (see right) in my apartment. Sadly, the sun faded all of the paper after some time and I realized it was time for that party to end. Needless to say, I was still left with a giant wall in my apartment that was begging to be filled in some way. And so began my new obsession with painting walls! Its really great, once you realize that even paint on the walls is temporary and can be changed. 

If you or anyone you know is looking to jazz up your own walls, lets chat -

prints! prints! prints! by Allison Kruske

I'm happy to announce that I am curating the Untitled Prints show, to be held May 10th from 6-10 PM at Practice·Space! This show is focused on selling limited edition prints, all priced from $1-$50. Our goal is to create a community for young artists and collectors to both show and buy work on an even keel with those more established.

We are currently accepting submissions for the show. For more information please see our website:

Practice·Space by Allison Kruske

This past September, I started a year long residency with Practice·Space, located in Detroit, MI. Its been a really great experience so far and I'll write a more detailed post about it soon! However, for those of you who are curious, I did an interview with them recently about my work and background that you can find here!

Photo by Alex O'Dell

Photo by Alex O'Dell

life in flux by Allison Kruske

I recently had to move out of my college apartment because my lease had ended. Since then, I have been living with some friends as I attempt to find a new place to call home in Detroit. Post-grad life is proving to be as stressful as everyone makes it out to be but at the same time there is a new sense of eagerness that I have not felt in a long time. As I packed up the last of my things, I noticed my Mark Johns drawing, "Everything's Gonna Be Super Duper," just waiting to give me a gentle reminder that things were going to be just fine. It's funny how life seems to fall right into place sometimes.